Our main activities

Investment promotion

Based on the ever-increasing number of investor inquiries in recent years, it has become clear that Nyíregyháza needs a responsible organization whose main task is to professionally coordinate the city’s investment incentive activities.
This activity is performed by Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd. in close cooperation with the National Investment Agency (HIPA) and other relevant local organizations in order to make Nyíregyháza known for potential investors. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the companies, settling in Nyíregyháza, from the first step of the investor process to the last one.
Our main tasks include the continuous monitoring of existing industrial areas, the recommendation of the most suitable areas adapted to the needs of investors and the facilitation of the implementation of investments in close cooperation with local organizations and authorities.

Business development

Another key priority of our company is the development of the economic environment, for which, in addition to supporting new settlers, it is essential to help and support the already present and settled local enterprises. Our goal is for these companies to be able to effectively implement and operate their development ideas and expansion plans.
In order to this, we are in constant contact with local businesses, monitoring economic development tenders and then forwarding them to relevant businesses. We assess the needs of economic actors operating in the city, organize programs and events on topics relevant to economic organizations, and monitor and support investments and developments planned by local companies.

Project management

Nyíregyháza has recently participated in several international projects, all of which deal with an important area to the city. Whether it is the creation of pedestrian-friendly cities, the transition to digital economy, the development of e-government systems or the attraction of talented and skilled young people, Nyíregyháza is always actively involved in international cooperation projects.
The experience gained from these can be well utilized in the economic development at the local level, moreover, the international recognition of Nyíregyháza can be expanded.
Our goal is to highlight our city through our active participation in the transnational and international project, and to contribute to the development of the city’s economy by gaining experience and incorporating good practices at local level.


FDI Strategy Rising Cities

One of the world’s leading economic newspapers, the Financial Times’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) division announces the “Global Cities of The Future” competition to measure and recognize the international role of candidate cities, within several categories. According to the results described in the February-March 2021 issue of FDI Intelligence magazine, Nyíregyháza ranked third in the category of “Rising Cities Best for FDI Strategy”. With this, the editors of FDI Intelligence also recognized and acknowledged the merits and ability of Nyíregyháza in supporting and developing foreign investments.


Industrial Park of the Year 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency gave the „Industrial Park of the Year” title in 2020 to the Industrial Park of Nyíregyháza. Due to its highly developed infrastructure and favourable geographical features Nyíregyháza Industrial Park serves as a home for many multinational companies with a core area of 127 hectares. In order to satisfy the requirements of the great number of new incoming inquiries, further industrial area will be developed in the Industrial Park of Nyíregyháza.

Our team

Dávid Bartók
managing director

Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd.
Nyíregyháza Real Estate Developer Ltd.

Réka Nyiri Balázsné
office manager

Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd.
Nyíregyháza Real Estate Developer Ltd.

Mihály Kovács
project manager

Nyíregyháza Real Estate Developer Ltd.

Szandra Soós-Jóni
project assistant

Nyíregyháza Real Estate Developer Ltd.

Tímea Lencsés
project assistant

Nyíregyháza Real Estate Developer Ltd.

András Ákli
managing director

Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd.

Tibor Tábori
project assistant

Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd.

Technology Transfer Center

The Technology Transfer Center was established by renovating the former command building of the Adam Vay Barracks, which is a nearly 1000 m², 2-storey building.


• Capacity: 20-30 people
• Floor area: 86 m2


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  47.956371, 21.679448 TECHOLOGY TRANSFER CENTER Nyíregyháza Industrial Park Nonprofit Ltd. 4400 Nyíregyháza, Tiszavasvári str. 14.