Focus Rapid

Focus Rapid is a financing solution for smaller businesses. The financing will be implemented through a capital increase, with a simplified procedure, which will be available in a short time. Businesses that choose Focus Rapid must have at least two closed business years. They may request the capital injection to finance their own operations or to implement their development plans.

Quick assessment, simplified system of conditions – Focus Rapid

Standardized structure, standard, simplified business plan and contract documentation

  • Acquisition of a 30% minority interest
  • Investment limit between HUF 30-50 million
  • No regular monthly repayments
  • Yield expectation depending on risk profile: 7-15%
  • Quick review, lead time in up to a month
  • Simplified financial and legal due diligence
  • One term is typically 5 years
  • Standard investment agreement signed before a notary
  • Online application option

Planned investment sizes

on average HUF 300 million, in case of Focus Rapid HUF 30-50 million

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